Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Hello everyone, here is another cover for GEN 13 I just did. The concept on this one is just a simple straight-forward shot of Rainmaker and Burnout. It's strange, the simpler the concept, the more challenging the work becomes.

I probably spent most of the time I had on this one just thinking about what to do for it, and in the end I eventually settled on one of the first 3 ideas I came up with. The figures on this layout just had a lot more attitude.

Okay, like I said different ideas. Here's the final revision of the cover that will go to print on the left, back-to-back with the one in solicitations.

Hope you like the changes. See ya next time, Mike


Vittorio said...

Great Mike..!!
But, if Rainmaker got these boobs, Fairchild then...?
No complaining, of course :)

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Ah, Gen13, it's been too long since I read your pages.
Nice work.

Pimpf said...

really nice cover the left side of it with burnout in the shadows with also the light effects on Rainmaker looks great. Very nice pose for Rainmaker yummy ;)


your babes are awesome man

i still have fond memories of those covers you did for those gen-13 issue 13 covers

Nando said...

you draw a sexy lady my friend...