Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hulkling striking a pose


Here is a recent piece I did of "Hulkling" from The Young Avengers. It was an original commission and I actually had fun doing it.

step 1: the sketch
step 2: finished piece with inks
step 3: with gray skin tones added

Honestly, drawing big, muscular, bulky guys aren't my favorite thing, (naturally my asthetic leans more towards...well, long and lean figures) but I was asked to make the piece sexy and just be me with it.

I'm also a huge fan of Alan Heinberg (Sex and the City is my fave show of all time) and I really enjoyed and appreciated the fact that Alan gave us a young gay couple up front and center along with the rest of the team and didn't treat them as secondary/background characters reduced to lame jokes and cliched stereotypes.

Hope you like :)


Joseph said...

Thanks for posting the process your work holds up well in any stage but comes together nicely in the end.

Michael said...

I really find this disgusting. You draw well though.

nova1128 said...

Nice work Mr. Nome.

I like that you put your own style into each commission you do [my personal favorite being the Rogue + Gambit piece].

keep up the good work.

meek? said...

lol @ "disgusting"

Dude. He rocks Gucci draw'z. He can't be that gross.

¦D ;]

Good job yet again, Mr. Nome.


WOOD said...

Is Hulk "too sexy for his rage"?

J0hnny Mn3m0nic said...

Hey oliver. The hulking piece is good but it is kinda odd seeing the hulkling getting ready to flash me the goods. i want to see it in person tho. Can you bring it to the studio wednesday so i can see it?

Ruff said...

Got junk?

Skull_Leader said...

His face looks kinda like Ale--when he's not wearing sunglasses and a hat.

In terms of it being the HULK, the proportions are off. You should look at the work of Heroes Reborn Whilce, or the HULK's as drawn by Dale Keown and Todd MCFarlane to see what I mean.

Even starting wit some Herb Trimpe reference will assist in getting the feel of the character.

Axt said...

Wow, this is great!!
I only stumbled over it via accident, where have you been hiding all that time! *hugsqueeze* ^.^!!