Friday, September 07, 2007

Baltimore Comic-Con!


The Baltimore Comic-Con always has a great guest list and this year, Jim will be there for Sunday only!

He doesn't do too many East Coast shows, so this'll be your perfect chance to get your favorite comic signed too. And since he's only there for one day, I wouldn't expect him to be sketching at the show, but you can still catch his panel for all the latest and greatest:

3:00-3:50 Jim Lee Spotlight Panel
Critically acclaimed creator and fan-favorite Jim Lee is front and center in this special glimpse into the life of one of the comic industry's greatest artists. From working on All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder, to being the Editorial Director of WildStorm, Jim Lee is here to answer your questions! Moderated by Bob Wayne, VP - Sales, this Q&A session promises to entertain!

UPDATE: Check out Newsarama for a full review of the panel.


Ronan Medallion said...

what are the chances that jim lee would be able to visit the philippines?

Drew said...

Absolutely a great panel-- Jim's a natural in front of a crowd and opened up for any question whatsoever. There's a good write-up on Newsarama, but speaking as one who was there... it was a lot of fun. One of the best panels I've seen in a long time.
all best,
Drew Bittner, WildStorm Class of '96