Friday, June 01, 2007

Planet Super-Con!


Con season's off and rolling now with these two sketches from Planet Comicon. The first, is a shot of the final Havok piece after I tweaked it a bit in the computer. And the second, is one of JJ's sketches from the show of Poison Ivy. JJ's been making his way back into comics lately, so fans of his should keep an eye out for him!

I also wanted to thank Chris, Jessie, Kyle and Matt out in Kansas too, who were all great hosts and did everything they could to make it a fun visit! THANKS!

Btw, if Aaron Norton's reading this, thanks for stopping by to say, "Hi!" It's always cool to meet fans from the blog!

Next stop, Super-Con!

Oh, and hope everyone likes the new banner up now. I'll be changing it weekly this month to spotlight all the super-talented artists here!

And yes, that includes Michael Lopez with his sexy Supergirl commission. We'll finally post it next week. Let me add that it's not just one Supergirl or two or even three, but FOUR sexy Supergirls!


Vittorio said...

OK, that's the way I like..! FOUR sexy Supergirls!! Can't wait...

gdeo said...

This is great...jim always does a great job.....Thanks for posting eddy!

jedi_aaron_1 said...

Name-checked on the blog-- awesome!

And yeah, thank YOU guys for coming out to the con. It ws all kinds of cool.

Now, whom would I e-mail my totally boss Ninja Turtle sketch to so it can be posted up here?

Gelatomettista said...

Hey Aaron, you can send it to:



Gilles said...

Poison Ivy looks really sexy !
That's really awesome to see havok by Jim, Havok's being one of my fave Xman, it looks really great.
By the way any idea about the new release of Wildcats #2 by Jim ? :(