Friday, June 29, 2007

Cover Girl


Hey y'all, Oliver here. At the end of the day yesterday, I did this Power Girl piece in the studio. This was my first crack at drawing her and I think I'm gonna use it for the cover of my new sketchbook.

It's simple, but I think it's an attention grabber...(well, I guess anytime anyone does a piece with this particular character, it's kinda hard not to notice her right? I wonder?) :)

Anyhoo, hope u like.


Sebastien said...

she's got...boobs

Elayne said...

Unfortunately yeah, boobs and not much more. You may want to start by making them smaller than her head. Even double-D breasts aren't larger than women's heads.

Austin said...

I dig it man, my sketchbook cover has been put to shame.

meek? said...

Really cool, Mr. Nome.

PG's the quintessential comic babe. She's a true stand-out.

I especially find it ridiculously hilarious when super-conservative fans, esp. dudes, get their panties in a bunch about the massive chest even when this character's supposed to be unapologetically well-endowed.

It's like they're scurred o' breast monsters... or monster breasts, I guess.


EricCallen said...

WOW!! Really dig this image, Nome!

I agree with meek?'s comments...

It's a real laugh to hear fans (especially guys) complain about how out of proportion comic book female's anatomys are.

The only complaints are about the boobs; not any complaints about how out of proportion the men's anatomys usually are... just the boobs.

Seriously, how many complaints have you heard about how out of proportion Sam Keith draws feet?

Plus, it's a comic book!! These are 'people' who can fly, shoot lasers out of their eyes, run faster than the speed of light, etc.!

All that stuff seems to be accepted, but... "Good Lord!! Who has boobs like that!?!?"

Gimme an f'n' break.

BTW? All you haters? Boobs like this DO exist.

L8r, gang!!

Anonymous said...

It's not about the breasts being so large, it's just that it looks absurd. (talking about comics in general, not this particular image. I don't feel that's out of place for the contemporary power girl, although the costume clings to the breast more then most.)

It gets to a point that sometimes artist draw breasts so unrealistically large, it's all you see. It's like when Rob Leifeild ignores the characters spine, sure you could say "It's a comic book! Spines don't matter," but still, i'm pretty sure Captain American can't turn 300 degrees without moving his feet. It looks wrong.