Friday, October 15, 2010

NYCC 10''s a wrap!


Welp, NYCC 10' is over and it was the best one yet! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by Artist's Alley to chat, say hi, and of course, spend money;)

Just wanted to post a few commissions I did at the show, hope you like;)


arnie said...

Finding you guys is like chasing the wind. i hope you pop up in Long Beach. great sketches.

peace out

patman said...

wow! the flash/zoom and harley/ivy pieces are awesome!

the colors on harley/ivy really pop out. i'd love to have a recreation or print of that

GLSpotlight said...

Agreed, the colors on the Ivy/Harley are really good.

I love the Flash/Zoom one as well, though I wish there was less purple.

Gelatomettista said...

Thnx guys!....btw, it's pink not purple;)