Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con

Hey all, just wanted to post some of my latest, a series of quick sketches available for LBCC. I had a lot of fun working on cardboard and plan to do a few more, so feel free to suggest a character or two.

I will be in Artists Alley somewhere between #1002-1006, so stop by and say "Hey". I love attending the local shows, because they're a great way to catch up with friends, low stress, and offer more quality time with fans.

I'm also looking forward to the "Walking Dead" premiere on AMC next weekend as well. It's a great way to spend Halloween weekend!

Hope to catch you guys there!



arnie said...

those are awesome, cardboard! see you at the show joel.

Gelatomettista said...

thanks, man! I will be there!

mic? said...

Excellent Deadman!

Can't wait to see more cardboard art! I think you'd kill a Solomon Grundy piece!

"Walking Dead" is guaranteed to be sick.


Gelatomettista said...

nice, May have to try a Solomon Grundy piece, thanks.