Friday, August 27, 2010

Wizard World Chicago Twitter Pics!

Chicago was another fun show for the WildStorm guys and we even took some pics this time to prove it!

The following photos were previously posted on and

Wizard World Chicago ticket line goes out the building!

Exhibit Hall entrance on your right.

The Saturday morning crowd.

Rod Blagojevich

Joe Madureira signing.

Greg Horn.

Bill Sienkiewicz reviewing a portfolio.

Ethan Van Sciver sketching.

Arthur Suydam.

J. Scott Campbell.

Mike McKone sketching at the Hero Initiative Booth.

Mark Texiera.

Michael Golden.

Chicago....I love yer deep dish goodness.

Aw yea, Colossus...tell 'em all about it.

A pretty cool lookin Hulk.

Joker fun.

Atomica's Sam Abbinanti fancy business card that I was impressed with.

Kickass lookin Batman.


Poison Ivy commission.



Ummm... what? this guy looks dope!

Doctor Strange Commission.



General Grievous

Futurama goodness.


The meanest X-23 I ever did see at Wizard World Chicago...that's it! Had an awesome time in Chi-town but miss sweet San Diego!


arnie said...

awesome! thanks for sharin' guys.

Gelatomettista said...

you betcha!

Jeff said...

I'm guessing the dope looking guy is Darth Krayt