Friday, August 06, 2010



Hello everyone, here is a piece I did for a SDCC lithograph based on characters from the AION RPG. Truth be told, I'm not too familiar with this game or the characters, but after checking out their website and all the cool character designs they have, I got excited doing this piece.

I really like the big and intricate shapes that the armors consist of. The one thing that was a little hard, and probably took the longest, were the feathers. I haven’t drawn big wings before, so I didn’t know how much of them to indicate and how much of them were going to be knocked out with the color.

Just when you start getting comfortable with your ‘skill set’, something always throws a ‘curve ball’ and REMINDS you the learning process is a nonstop, ongoing process…Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with the overall piece and I think Michael Lopez did a fantastic job on the rendering…especially the girl.

When that guy starts rendering the ladies, magic happens!

Hope y’all digzzz.

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