Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Tofurkey Day!

Hey ya'lls, hope all is well. I'm sure you've been building up an appetite for a new posting by me since it's been a little here's a double dose!

I've been really playing around/practicing my brush inking techniques these past few weeks. I primarily use pens and sometimes the quill and only really used the brush to fill in blacks..(such a waste of a fine tool!), mainly cause the brush intimidated me and I didn't think I had a steady enough hand. I'm officially hooked and love, love the rawness and all the line variations you can get.

After being at WildStorm for a couple of years, I've been exposed to and have falling for the work of such artists as John Paul Leon and Tommy Lee Edwards, artists whose styles are way different than mine but styles that I'm studying and trying to incorporate into my work because I admire the gestures, the line work, and the freedom of it all, not to mention being inspired by some of the best inkers in the industry that I work with under the same roof!

I drew two of my fave characters...which should be no suprise to anyone who frequents this blog and finished them using only a #2 Raphael brush (the brush of choice amongst my fellow WildStormers).

'Death' I took more time to be as clean and precise as I could and doing the background in a simple ink-wash. 'Joker' was more of an exercise in 'rawness' and line weights.

I'm still learning and honing my craft but I am very pleased with the outcome of the two pieces. Anyhoo, hope you like and untill next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Gelatomettista said...

FYI: the scans for some reason don't look that great, u can check out better versions on my Deviantart pg!

Anonymous said...

I like them both! The scans look fine to me.

MARY said...

For me, the scans are awesome! I don´t have that talent with ink but I´m trying too ;)

Gelatomettista said...

Thnx guys;) I guess it was just my computer screen