Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!


In the spirit of the season, be one of the first ten fans to post your name below and I'll send you a short stack of WildStorm comics for free, including one comic signed by someone from the blog!

(Continental United States shipping only.)


1. mangualrs
2. John
3. Debasish
4. Jason
5. matt
6. Danny
7. Owen
8. bishart
9. Charles Valsechi III
10. Brian


mangualrs said...


John said...

Oh happy day!
John Nunley
445 Dee Ann st
Gallup NM 87301
thanks and great work

Debasish said...

Debasish Misra

Jason said...

Jason Toney - misterjt AT

matt said...

Awesome! I'd love some free comics, please :-)

Danny said...

Great, me want more comeeecs!!!

Owen said...

Awesome! Thanks Eddy

Owen said...

p.s. Owen Freeman (

bishart said...

ben bishop

117 winter st. apt 3
portland me.

Charles Valsechi III said...


Charles Valsechi III said...

Charles Valsechi:


Brian said...

Brian Pepple

Favian? said...

well if its still possible Favian R.

raph said...

If it's still possible, Raphael Ramos.

Jon Halpert said...

is it too late??

Peter said...

Peter Wylie!

Win or lose, great site, amazing work. Keep it up! Makes my weeks easier.

Arvin Bautista said...

What the hell, Arvin bautista!

Phong Nguyen said...

Might as well.

Phong Nguyen
310 E Fulton St.
Apt. A
Columbus, OH 43215

tred1981 said...

tony santos

JonasD said...

Jonas Deimel (Germany)
Would be cool to win some comicbooks here :) Huge fan!

chain said...

Jesse Campbell true Fan

Potsy said...

I'm late too...Rob Potchak. It stinks when you have to work Black Friday :( Oh well.

Mark said...

Arg ... Damn business trip.. Got killed by the Asian and US time difference ... ;(

Mark here just in case ;)
mastachand at gmail dot com

Cheers, and thanks for the blog !

Shadow Pencils said...

Aww what the hell, it's worth a try.

Marquis Rogers
5609 Edgemar Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90043

chain said...

if I cant have a stack of comics can i have a death sketch.

Gelatomettista said...

If you're name's on the updated list, please send your mailing address to and I'll send them out next week!

(Continental US shipping only.)

Thanks for everyone's comments!


Genso said...

AHHH was too late!! lol

Aaron Choi said...

Can gelatometti send me some comics too? I check this blog frequently. And I love Jim Lee's Art! Please!!

Eric-Anthony said...

Is there any way i can get/buy some via the internet? I am in germany atm and just cant find any wildstorm comics :(