Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stan Lee/Jim Lee "Meet & Greet"


At the recent Long Beach Comic Con, I had the pleasure of sitting in with Stan Lee and Jim Lee in an exclusive signing where I even caught a few moments on video. It was an intimate few who had rare comics signed, heard cool comic stories and even posed for a pic or two with these comic icons.

I'll always remember hearing Stan doing the intros to those Saturday morning cartoons of my youth, so it was fun to hear him joking with fans while Jim was sketching away. This ranks as one of those really memorable con moments for me and it's made even more special by catching it all on camera!

For Facebook fans out there, you can also join the official Jim Lee Facebook page for the latest Facebook-to-Facebook updates!


raph said...

sweet. i can't get enough of the videos of jim and the others drawing. i could seriously watch them for hours.

on that note, it's been a while since the last iron gelatomettista challenge. any chance you guys would ever post another video of those?

i seem to remember the jim lee / michael turner harley/nightcrawler video being awesome, but like i said, i'd watch an entire hour =)

demonpack said...

thats too cool! Jim Lee yay!

danielpicciotto said...

but i am glad i can say ive seen them both - separately. :)
and ive had the pleasure of watching jim draw twice; once about 15 years ago in sydney (australia) drawing deathblow and at NYCC last year drawing iron man! woohoo

danielpicciotto said...

and yes i second the iron gelatomettista!! those are always good fun. i could think of a couple 'big names' in the industry id like to see take on jim, d'anda etc.