Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LBCC 2009 Map


This weekend is the first annual Long Beach Comic Con and we'll be set-up in Artist's Alley at the following spots:

3 - Alex Sinclair
4-8 - Oliver Nome
4-8 - Carlos D'Anda
4-8 - Eddie Nuñez
4-8 - Livio Ramondelli
4-8 - Michael Lopez
6 - Jim Lee
4-8 - Scott Williams
4-8 - JJ Kirby
4-8 Sandra Hope
9 - Joel Gomez

It's only a few, short days away and it should be the first of many fun shows in Southern California.

We'll be signing, sketching and meeting fans all weekend, so we'll see you there!


Arvin Motion Design said...

What other cons in SoCal are you guys gonna be at? Specifically ones that aren't as far south :)

MARY said...

I hope you, guys, have a great time :D

Gelatomettista said...

Arvin Motion Design: Nothing else planned for the rest of this year, but we should be back at WonderCon in San Francisco next year.

MARY: Thanks! We should have plenty of pics up after the show!


mangualrs said...

Looking forward to the pics I really love yall work and I wish I could be there. Are there any cons or events in N.C. that yall might be attending next year?