Friday, September 25, 2009

'90's Gambit and Rogue


Hey, ya'lls! Haven't posted in awhile so I just went through some recent art and decided to post this '90's Jim Lee' era Gambit and Rogue that I did for fun.

I think this is my first time tackling the two together in these classic costumes, had a lot of fun with it. Hope u like;)


E. Christopher Clark said...

I've said it before (over on my site), and I gotta say it again: I think your art is fantastic, and if I ever "break in" as a writer, I totally hope we can work together.

Mike Crichlow said...

This is my favorite Gambit and Rogue by far, so it's awesome to see it in your style. Love it! :)

MARY said...

VERY VERY COOL!One of my X-Men´s favourite is Rogue ^^

Anonymous said...

BEST Era, and costumes.

Yamatoking said...

These are the best costums!
90s design totally rocks.
Well done!

Anonymous said...

"Pixie" like eyes on Rogue lol, makes her look too young...Anyway it's just a quickie isn't it?


Hugh S.

Adam said...

Very awesome.

90's Gambit and Rogue, wow that's totally what I grew up on!

Anonymous said...

I was watching Levitra Gallery yesterday morning, and I saw fantastic designs there, however I'm sure yours could form part of that amazing exhibition.