Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a few for e bay

I added up 7 e bay auctions last night...and I thought some people here might be interested. It's all either Wildstorm or DC comics related and they are all great auctions for people on a budget or new to collecting art. When I first started collecting comic art one I was blown away at just the idea...that you could own pages from your favorite comics. I was so naive I didn't even know that artists sometimes sold their work...And two I was on a tight budget. I would normally only have $40-$80 to spend and I remember buying that first $80 page and thinking..wow this is a lot of money. All of these auctions start at between $29 and $60...so it's really affordable stuff. Collecting art is a very fun hobby and I still have a small collection. Here's the booty available:

There's 2 Whilce Portacio Wetworks pages, a great page from Skyerunner by Ale Garza and myself, a few licensing things I did a few years back, and two very cool Dustin Nguyen pages. One from The Authority and one from Wild Cats 3.0

I added a link check em out... All the auctions end this Thursday~!


e bay ricH



Joseph said...

all great stuff Rich I'm going to save my pennies and hopefully get a sketch from you this year at Comic Con international.

Richard said...

I always draw for free at the con. I don't charge for sketches ever and if it's something I am into they can get pretty detailed and even mixed media...ish.


Richard said...


here's a link to all my new stuff...I've been a busy bee. There's some older work I've been adding too...so just go into the gallery to see the freshies.


Fabrizio said...

OhW! The Joker disappeared!! (sigh)


Richard said...

There was an error that happened (not on my end) sorry for any confusion. It will be back up and I'll post a little note here in the message thread when it is I guess....just keep checking back...as soon as I can re post it to e bay it will be there....I'll try and do a 5 day auction on it for anyone who maybe doesn't know it's back up.

again sorry, it wasn't something I did (like pulled it down to sell it off e bay)



GTJDorris said...

Rich --

What issues/pages of Wetworks are those? Thanks

-- Jonathan

Richard said...

issue 3 pages 1 and 8


Vincenzo Balzano said...

stupendous these tables lights and shades excellently balanced compliments

Urban Barbarian said...

digging that Joker!