Thursday, September 14, 2006

Batman and more...

(entry Rich)

Eddy had asked me about posting some Batman info. It wasn't official until about 4 weeks ago but it's confirmed now that I am the inker for the project. I had known about the book for about 7 months..but it was sort of up in the air. So it's Whilce Portacio penciling the book and me inking it. The title is Batman;'s a new series and Whilce and I are doing 6 issues.

I've been inking Whilce now for several months and it's going well. It's really fun, very detailed (especially the Wetworks art.....yeow man....he went crazy) and from what I can tell both books should be something fans will like. I haven't read the Batman scripts but I have read the first 7 issues of Wetworks...and it's really good.

I tried to post some new pencil art (my stuff) about 2 or 3 weeks back and the post never appeared...not sure what happened?

Hope everyone is doing well out there. I saw a lot of people at the San Diego con from this site (even many lurkers stopped by)..thanks for saying hello.




Vittorio said...

Rich, happy to see you again here!!
But what's up with artshake..? Is it no longer online...why??? I tried to write several time ago to your old e-mail with no response...

Emanuele said...

Incredible ... the art of While is amazing ... and the Richard inks strikes !!!
what about commission Richiard ?
let me know if you have time

antonio said...

Rich congratulations!!!!!!
just a question what happened to your blog?
Great to hear you are having big steps!!!


UrbanBarbarian said...


Brandon said...

Congrats Rich! Glad to see you getting the recognition your work deserves...count me in!


RichardFriend said...

Hey thanks.

I moved all the blog stuff over to deviant. I get kind of bored online and I sometimes just need to mix things up.

Here's the url:

Deviant to me is really great because as your looking at one persons can click on links from everyone who posts and everyone's home page has a favorites...(so like I see a cool piece of art...I pop it into my favorites, and I can share it immediately with anyone who comes to my home page (and it archives them all) and on and on)...It's awesome...and there are some GREAT artists over there.

I've found it really fun, extremely possitive and supportive as a community .....and with all the stress I had with my cat nearly dying.....something "fun" was just what I needed/.

I will have a blog up with my main page site isn't active yet, but were about 50% of the way through creating it.

Yeah the Whilce stuff is's pretty crazy how much art he's produced...He's really going for it and it's a good way for him to work.

syrtheone said...

I love whilce portacio, and after going to all these conventions I can't believe I have not met him yet; his work is second only to Jim Lee...and only just.

SteveW said...

The cover is already great , you need some skills to ink that piece of work !!

brett wood said...

Sweet art man. Thanks for the blog.. it's instant INSPIRATO to us aspiring comic artists!

RichardFriend said...

cool glad people like the image.

I am also glad the blog helps keep people interested in collecting comics...and drawing.

You always have to remember that each and every pro started out just like you. We were fans of comics, decided we wanted to get into the field, and then worked at it...there are so many advantages to trying to break in today and with all the resources at your finger tips online....there's no better time to try and learn, show your work, and make connections.

The only down side is (I think)sometimes it can be a sensory overload...there's so much art and inspirational stuff you can quickly move could be confusing, make you impatient, and sort of give a person too many a short attention span...for drawing you need the exact opposite...a LONG attention span and LOTS of focus.


good luck at your art!


Just have a clear idea of who you are...and then go for it.

john said...

Rich, any idea when you may be doing commissions?


RichardFriend said...

mmmm that's tough. I don't really want to make a date because it always seems to get pushed back. I am working on mainly non-comic work in my spare time now. I will say that.

I am trying to get enough art together over the next year or either be part of a gallery's not anything remotely comic styled art I am doing anymore and even the pieces I posted in the past really aren't where I am headed now.

I guess people interested will just have to wait and see.

I've pretty much come to the conclusion I am not going to ever pencil for's just not in my blood. I don't have that childhood memory locked in my mind of comic art or reading comics you need I think to really draw comics.

I grew up seeing mostly fine art, portraiture, landscape paintings, sculptures, and things like that in my house and our family friends homes..(raised by my grandparents) so in terms of "art" I know music and when I think of childhood memories of artistic expression....I see paintings, and stuff more old school or traditional.... not cartoons or superheros in tights if that makes sense.

I love comics and I am more than happy inking right now....I'll leave the penciling up to the dudes who really feel it.


Vittorio said...

Mhh...maybe you could try to pencil something really different, like european comics or a not-commercial graphic could put your "artistic imprintings" into them without doing something "far" from the media "comics"...

antonio said...

Rich thanks for the information about your blog...can I add your new deviantart link to my blog_

I agree with what vittorio said you can become a very good author if you want to!!

Great day and thanks!!


RichardFriend said...

People have suggested maybe getting a cover portfolio together or something along those lines...but I can't get into the thought of it. I don't relate to most comic characters at all. I've also known for probably the last year my tastes in art have changed drastically so the writing was on the wall.

I've always said my hope was to maybe go do something else for a while in terms of art...and maybe I can bring something back to comics at a future date.

Studying things like Rembrandt, Degas, or Sargent reminded me where I had been in my life and what I like in art.

I haven't looked at comics for inspiration in almost 3 years now. The day I decided to learn to draw or work on my art seriously....comics were the first thing I ommited. I thought I would go back in 6 months or so...and I just never could go back with the enthusiasm I had before.

Inking is great fun and scratches the itch to be involved with a thing like producing comics perfectly.

I've seen the other side(penciling)'s not what I am looking for to express my ideas and emotions.


I'll be around a's not like I am bailing out or leaving soon or anything.....the reality is my inks have improved tremendously from studying all these Master Painters from the past. I've seen a big change in the last 4 or 5 months.

so that's a really good thing and I am having fun putting it to work on the Portacio stuff.



RichardFriend said...

Here's the url to the Deviant site...I don't have much new art up there yet...I've been doing a lot of different stuff but it's not really about finished pieces right now for me...I am working on color theory and application of paint and really just getting used to a new medium.

I am teaching myself so it's interesting working with oil paints.

Inkblotz said...

Hey Rich good to see ya posting here again. This Batman piece rocks!! You and Whilce are a great match.

I can totally relate to ya on the penciling thing. Even though I have great child hood memories of comics and drawing I have come to realize that I never developed enough skill to make it as a full on penciler. Since then I decided to move to coloring and now I am having a blast and really enjoying it.

It is really cool that you are exploring other avenues of art and I look forward to see some of what you end up with.

Take it easy.


RichardFriend said...

Think of it as an evolution for you. Coloring is a foot in the door. You never know what's coming around the bend.

If someone would have told me at age 23 or 24....."hey guess what've been doing music all your life...but a friend is going to call you and tell you to come down and check out a comic called "Spawn" and then you are going to be an comic artist a year from now"

I would have laughed. I didn't even see a comic or even know they were still around anymore. I didn't watch t.v. or go to the movies either since I was maybe 13 or 14 years old.....I hated all that stuff.(true)

so you know never try and guess what your future might hold for you. You may go from coloring (now) to drawing and coloring your own books. 2 or 3 years from now.



antonio said...

The only thing I can say Rich is that I love the way you see art and I am really happy you are taking those steps into your art that as you have said have improved enormously and you are only at the beginning of all the changes!!
Thanks again for sending me the link Rick..
talk to you in some weeks!!
Take care pal!!

Krikit Media said...

so awesome...

Inkblotz said...

Thanks Rich!!!

I really apperciate your word of encourgement. Idon't knwo taht I would ever be to the point of drwaing a monthly but maybe someday a Graphic Novel or some covers are a possibility :)

You have been and keep being a great inspirition to me and have helped to keep me going and pushing forward.


Brett said...

So does this mena Whilce is now off of Wetworks?


RichardFriend said...

He has 4 issues of Batman done.....and he's already got 7 to 8 issues of Wetworks completed as well.

no worries....we are way ahead on both books.

That's why we were allowed to do Batman.

Batgirls--itch said...

Bring IT!!!! I am so hopped up on this Portacio style. It's taken some time, but it's worth IT.

RichardFriend said...

I think the first issue comes out really soon. I was told this week but it was a fan who said I am not 100% sure that's correct.

I should remind I did not ink the first issue although I did do the cover for it.

I start on issue 2.


RichardFriend said...

I'm refering to Wetworks I should add.....



DADICUS said...

Have you guys slowed down on posting because of deadlines and such cause the blog barely moves now?

Marvin Durán said...

Holy @%$¡¡, Batman... I just hope this doesn't go the way of Batman/wildcats... with both books never getting published.

RichardFriend said...

I can only speak for myself. I am busy...I draw on my own and ink 2 books. There are 5 or 6 other people who can post here...I used to post a lot...I figured I'd give them a chance to share in the fun.


Hey Marvin, I just said we have 12 issues of art done(between Batman and Wetworks)...what part of "way ahead" don't you understand?


just teasing....but you did read that right?

I don't have details on any other books...I just do my work and that's what I focus on. We're doing well and as a matter of fact I saw Wetworks number one today for the first time (I didn't ink that issue but I did do the Whilce cover) should be in stores tomorrow.


DADICUS said...

I appreciate the response! Hey what happend to Scott Iwahashi?
(I have no idea how to spell his name)

Rafa said...

More info here: