Friday, August 18, 2006

DC vs Marvel


Thanks to everyone who ordered a Gelatometti Sketchbook! I just came back from the Post Office, so the first batch is already on it's way across the globe! They also have these new DC Comics Super Heroes stamps, so I put one of those on each package too. Isn't it wild how super heroes are becoming so mainstream these days?

Above is a double-page jam by Jim, Alé and Carlos. Can you tell who drew which character? You can find the answer by clicking the image and reading Jim's commentary on the piece. And that's just two of the sixty-four pages inside the Gelatometti Sketchbook!

Btw, my e-mail bounced back from the following fans, so I'll keep trying to reach you:

Phong Nguyen
Sean Wilson
David Picciotto

Next week, I'll also have some more new pics for the blog, so until then, as one Gelatometti fan put it, "it's back to saving the world."


Tyler Wilken said...

I've always loved the way Ale draws Spidey. Its a character I dont like too much, but he sure is done justice by Mr. Garza


UrbanBarbarian said...

Now that's a jam piece! Wow! Tons of personality in all the characters! I love it!

meek? said...

Usin' my keen eye... Jim did Supes and Bats... while Ale musta done Wolvie and Spidey w/ Carlos doin' the finishes.

I'm an expert.

And a cheat. ;D

Gorgeous piece, nevertheless. It's the best and most consistent jam I've seen from the 'Metti crew.

And I'm sorry... but in terms of comics... DC all the way, itches!!! LOL!


Salix said...

Yes that Spider-Man is awesome, and the inked backgrounds look great. You guys should pair more DC, Marvel, and even Wildstorm characters. How about a Spidey/Gen13? :)

Luke said...

I was lucky to get the sketchbook at the SDCC and this was probably my favorite piece. I did like Jim's Plastic Man too.

Krikit Media said...


Ben-Ohki said...

That's the single coolest jam piece I've seen this year!
Agree with the above comments - needs a couple of Wildstorm characters in it. ^_^;

raph said...

I just got my sketchbook today! Awesome stuff. Eddy was nice enough to include some nice oversized cards of Backlash, Maul, and Warblade. Looks like the Backlash one is signed by Breet booth too!

Thanks again for the awesome sketchbook and for sending them so quickly :)

- Raph

DC said...

Damn didn't check this blog for a bit and mucho posts. If I order a sketchbook right now will I get in on the stamps too?!

Phong Nguyen said...

Phong Nguyen here.

Eddy, would it be ok to exchange information through here?

Gelatomettista said...

raph: Glad you got it alright and liked the little freebies inside too!

dc: I've got a sketchbook and stamp ready and waiting for you!

phong nguyen: Yeah, I'll edit the "Gelatometti Sketchbooks for SALE!" post with ordering info.



Anonymous said...

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