Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iron Gelatomettista - Ryan Benjamin

Coming all the way from the tropical islands of St. Croix, Ryan Benjamin's another WS fan-favorite who's back in the studio now. Most recently, he's been doing some animation and 3-D work for the video game industry and has worked on GRIFTER, PHANTOM GUARD, STAR WARS: INFINITIES - RETURN OF THE JEDI, GHOST and VAGABOND.

Not only is Ryan talented at drawing comics, but he works with Tim Bradstreet to model for such characters as Blade, Snake Eyes and even upcoming *Censored* PUNISHER covers, as seen above.

For more of Benjamin's goodness, check out: Ryan Benjamin

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Cray said...

Great to see you back at WildStorm, I been following your Dark Horse work and you haven't lost your touch. Hope to see some new renditions of some old WS classics.