Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iron Gelatomettista - J. J. Kirby

A little background on our first challenger today! Doctor of Rhymology, JJ Kirby came to Earff in a spaceship called MY MOMS and crash landed at Wildstorm. Not long afterwards, working on such titles as BACKLASH, DV8 and the X-BABIES at Marvel.

Lately, he's been working on some 12" vinyl figurines for Upper Deck and when he's not working on his own stuff, you can find him in his kitchen cooking up spaghetti with five different meats or working on perfectin' the ever-lastin' gob-stopper.

He's been a little low-key lately, but he's ready to come out swinging from his rabbit hole and show the world his true colors.

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UPDATE: Wonder Woman is the secret ingredient for today, so check back around 6:00pm PST to vote for your favorite!

1 comment:

Cray said...

Hey I just wanted to say I always thought your Backlash stint was better than Brett Booth's

No slight to Brett, but really enjoyed take. If I'm not mistaken didn't you create Omni? that was introduced during the Drahn storyline?