Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Teen Art Cafe at the San Diego Museum of Art


Hey All, on Wednesday June 2nd, "Brightest Day" and "Soulfire" colorist, Beth Sotelo and myself had a chance to speak to the young folks at Teen Art Cafe at the San Diego Museum of Art, an after-school student program that was celebrating a recently opened exhibit of "Heroes: Mortals & Myths in Ancient Greece." Sticking to the theme, Beth and I had a chance to help kids draw heroes of a 'modern mythology', based on Greek history and the origins of Greek heroes.

We helped kids 'invent' or draw their favorite heroes. I took the opportunity to use Batman in my demo and touch a little on his origin and his place in modern mythology. Beth was able to showcase that heroes come in many shapes and sizes and don't require a cape or batarangs by drawing her original characters 'Grumps'.

The experience was a blast and the kids really enjoyed the variety of possibilities with the range of shapes and sizes a hero can come in, and I felt I learned a thing or two about kids and who they felt are our modern heroes are. Beth and I look forward to seeing them again.


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Chris Tung said...

I really like this blog. It doesn't have any crazy cool art [minus your batman sketch], but it's nice to know that gelatometti skills and influence are being used to teach kids. Always good to know that you guys are investing in the future.