Friday, July 21, 2006

First Sale!


Matt here was the first person to get a copy of our new Gelatometti Sketchbook!

You can find us over by banner 4800 and back down to Artist's Alley FF11-16, for the newest GELATOMETTI Sketchbook featuring art by Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, Carlos D'Anda, Rich Friend, Alé Garza, Sandra Hope and JJ Kirby!

Seeya there!


EKON said...

When will we be able to buy a copy?

Jon D said...

Lucky B*****d
It will be mine, o yes it will be mine

jrsorrell said...

Looks like one happy customer.

wasb5 said...

lucky matt, to bad i won't be albe to buy one (i am not going to san deiago anytime soon) unless you put the book up for sale on amazon

missleman said...

The sketch book is great guys.


Tom said...

Any news on how those who couldn't attend the show can order a copy and avoid the crazy ebay prices?

MAGNUS1581 said...

Hi, this is Matt. I just wanted to say I had a great time at my first comic con. I am also proud to say that, I was the first person to buy the sketch book, which is awsome. I turned in some penciled page's which got ok reviews for my first attempt at sequential story telling. Jim is the reason why I am the artist I am today, so it was quite an honor to meet him. He looked like he was in a bad mood on friday, so i only had him sighn three comics. Ill post some pics of the con when i figure out how to do it.

MAGNUS1581 said...
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odlr said...


Can i place an order for the sketch book or are some going to be available at WWC.